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Parent Reviews

"My family has been attending Kiddies Klubhouse for 4 years, attending the after-school care for 2 years.  At first it was a huge adjustment, for the kids and myself!  It is hard to trust others to take care of your children the way you would.  My fears quickly passed as this group of guys and gals is incredible!  They have always been so patient with our family, separation fears, behavior issues, and financial struggles.   The app they use to check the kids in and out is also the way they communicate with parents daily!  They post the activities they do during the day, what the kids ate for lunch, and any other communication needed.  It is so very helpful and keeps us up to date on all the happenings with both boys.  Another wonderful aspect is the focus on learning; they work so hard to teach our littles and give them the best pre-K year imaginable! 


Kiddies Klubhouse's compassionate staff and inclusivity is a blessing to our area!  We are beyond thankful for the work they do



***  5-Star Rating!! ***

Jessica S.

I would recommend Kiddies Klubhouse to any family. My son has been going to Kiddies for almost a year now. He has had some behavioral issues and Amber and her wonderful preschool teachers have continued to work with him and our family to assist with his care and learning. It is such a blessing to have childcare that will work with kids who struggle in one way or another. They could have just sent us somewhere else.

     The teachers are always doing activities with the kids that encourage learning and keeping them busy. Lots of pictures and activities to hang on the fridge and I see and hear the strides my son is making in learning new concepts!

     Now my daughter also goes to Kiddies in their infant room. The teachers are so kind, nurturing, and gentle with the littles and have great communication with the parents. I am truly grateful for all of the staff at Kiddies and their continued care for my children.

Becky S.

Amazing staff with so much heart! My kids have been back at daycare for a year now and I couldn't ask for a better daycare. They work with the kiddos in the best way possible. My oldest went from not talking to talking within weeks of being back! The whole team is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and LOVING environment! We can't thank you enough!

Beverly G. 

Both of my children have been going to Kiddies Klubhouse for close to a year now, and to say they love it would definitely be an understatement! Since attending, I’ve noticed multiple, positive changes in my kiddos. For example, my toddler, who was only 1 at the time, began signing to me “please”, “all done”, and “thank you” within weeks. I was fascinated because we had worked on this together before, but he didn’t really seem to retain it until he was taught by his wonderful teachers at Kiddies Klubhouse. Everyday I pick my children up, I am greeted by some of the sweetest teachers and get to watch my children say “BYE!!” to all of their new friends they have made since they started attending. It is so very hard to leave your children with someone else in order to go to work, but sending your children to Kiddies Klubhouse truly helps ease your mind knowing they are in good hands. Thank you Amber and to all of the teachers for creating a safe, learning environment for our precious little ones!

Alanna M.

I have two children currently attending Kiddies Klubhouse.  My 2 year old daughter with special needs attends daycare all day, and my 8 year old son goes to the morning and after school program that's available through Kiddies Klubhouse and housed at the elementary school.  They are also very flexible when it comes to picking up and dropping off your children and will contact you immediately with any questions or concerns involving your child/children.  I would highly recommend Kiddies Klubhouse to any parent looking for affordability, education of your children, and overall peace of mind knowing your kids are safe. 

Dustin B.

We started sending our son to Kiddies Klubhouse when he was about 15 months old.  After touring the facility and meeting the staff, we instantly knew it was the only place in the area we would be comfortable leaving him during our LONG work days.  He is almost 6 now, and we have never regretted the decision.  They have helped guide him through so many firsts during those early years and made the days educational and fun.  He was excited to go to “school” every day and see his friends.  Just before he started kindergarten, he transitioned to the after school program at the elementary school which made the start of this new journey seamless.   When most kids (and parents) were hugging and crying during drop off on the first day, he hopped out of the car and walked confidently into the building like a pro!  We have found the team at Kiddies Klubhouse to be very friendly, communicative, and caring over the years, and it's always comforting to see so many of the same familiar faces year after year.

Kim J. 

7 years ago I started looking around for a daycare provider who would not only be flexible with my work schedule but educate my child and help them grow in a learning environment. When I asked other friends and family members who they recommend they responded Kiddies Klubhouse. I heard nothing but wonderful encouraging comments. I personally had already known some of the staff myself and knew my child would be in good hands.


Fast forward to now, all 3 of my children go there. My oldest just went through kindergarten and attends Kiddie Klubhouse school age. As a parent you want the best for your child and Kiddies Klubhouse is just that.

Jessica V.

This is an easy one!


My kindergartener has been attending Kiddies School Age Program since November 2021.  This was a huge step for us as he deals with some sensory processing issues and prior to Kiddies was cared for by his Nana.  Kiddies has been a saving grace for my little family when my mother suddenly had to relocate to care for my ailing grandmother.  I worried about finding quality, affordable care so that I, as a single mother, could keep working.  Then I remembered from the Kindergarten Round-up meeting, a staff member representing Kiddies and reached out to them about signing my child up.  Everything was super easy and fast.  Honestly, we have been completely blessed by the care he receives from Kiddies and the amazing staff members!  He fell one day on the playground and bloodied his nose. I was called right away, they tended to his injury, and it was a relief that they were so spot on caring for him.  Everyone is so kind and welcoming putting this momma's heart to peace when I cannot be with him.  Kiddies Klubhouse is definitely #1 in my book!

Shannon K. 

All four of my children have been attending Kiddies Klubhouse since they had their grand opening. My husband and I are so grateful for the care and education the children have received over the years. The teachers and caregivers do a wonderful job developing, engaging, and providing a safe, fun, and loving environment. It is nice to know I can count on their team while my children aren’t at home. Keep up the great work!

Beth L. 

Kiddies Klubhouse is fantastic! We struggled finding a daycare that met the needs for our child. We came upon people who weren't emotionally connecting with him, people who weren't physically taking care of him, and people who didn't meet our standards.  When we came to Kiddies, the staff went above and beyond. They make sure our child is attended to emotionally and physically. They are helping potty train him; they are working with his speech therapist twice a week to make sure he gets the education he needs; they teach him new things everyday in their toddlers program (that's run just like a preschool); they give them play time inside and outside; they make sure to keep every parent updated on any important thing. Their building is secured and has video monitoring which assures me that my child's safety is a top priority. Our child gets excited to go to daycare and that’s how we know he’s in the right place. I'm so thankful we found Kiddies!

Macy R. 

Last year my family had to find another daycare provider, which is hard when the one we had cared for our children for a long time. We are like many families wanting our children to be safe, loved, and taken care of while we are at work. I had heard about Kiddies Klubhouse from multiple people and called them right away. They let me do a walk through, explained to me how they care for their children. I say their children because during the walk through I noticed how the staff talked about the children, and the love they have for every child was in the way they talked to each other and to the kids. I also noticed that communication with the parents about their children was amazing. Our children started going there, and there was an adjustment for my family; my children had only ever known the former daycare so this was a little rough for them. Kiddies Klubhouse helped our children to adjust with open arms and communication about our kids with my husband and I is fantastic, and we quickly became family there. I would 100% recommend Kiddies Klubhouse if you're looking for loving daycare providers, ones that not just take care of them and keep them safe, but love them and form bonds with them. Our children are excited to go and spend time with our Kiddies family when we have to go to work and that is heartwarmingly beautiful. 

Jessica A.

Our family was elated to be accepted at this daycare due to the location in reference to my work. In the beginning things were tough because our daughter was pretty sheltered until we started to use daycare. We were able to watch her grow and develop with the help of the awesome staff. Even at times when we need some flexibility in schedule, they always worked with us.  


Using the app was a pleasant surprise for us as well. We were given updates on meals, and even reminders to restock diapers. Some days we would even be blessed with a picture or two, these always helped get through the day. Being a nervous first time dad, I was able to reach out directly to the people that were taking care of my daughter. Even after hours, I always got a response. 


The diverse staff helps bring different ideas and techniques to whatever the day may bring.  From old to young or male to female, I feel like there are a good mix of people helping us raise our daughter. In a perfect world I would love it if she could stay home everyday with my family or me, but we do not have that luxury. In this case that's alright because the staff here have made it so easy to leave her in their care. We can't say enough nice things about everyone we have met throughout the last year. We owe a big thank you to everyone in Babyland and now that she is in the toddler room, we look forward to building a relationship with them as well. 

Amy & Sam M.

After moving to the area and looking at a handful of different daycares to place my child in, there was never a debate on where I’d send my child(ren) to spend their days. Our first encounter we saw passion, love and support between workers, owners, families and of course kids. Since then they have shown the community that they will always go above and beyond to support the children and community. They provide a loving atmosphere, variety of academics and they truly know and love every child in their care. Owners make it a point to hire who they know is best for their kiddos and families. Kiddies Klubhouse will always put the kids first, making sure they are loved and cared for all while giving us parents a peace of mind while we aren’t with them throughout the day. Reed City is a better place because of the Kiddies Klubhouse family.

Kylie R. 

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